UnCool School

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” - Brene Brown

  • Online: 2.5 hours. IRL: 3.5
  • Embrace and share imperfections and authenticity.
  • Deeper trust and safety in teams.

This is a workshop that inspires the participants to let go of their coolness and crippling ideals and instead embrace and share their imperfections and authenticity.

Many of our learning-institutions have taught us to be strong, positive and in control. It is just now that organisations are starting to realize that if you shut out everything that you judge imperfect then a lot of good stuff, actually the best stuff, is left out too. A culture striving for perfection burns people out and lacks the capacity to be brave, open, generous and playful. All capacities we need to use to tackle the increasing complexity of business and collaboration.

UnCool School is a session that is full of playfulness, is tons of fun and creates a space for people to dare to show themselves and be vulnerable. We will investigate how to celebrate and harvest our individual quirkiness for the benefit of the group. This will build trust in the group, helps us understand how to work better together and allow us to be more real with each other.

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