“Failure is a great teacher and, if you are open to it, every mistake has a lesson to offer.” - Oprah Winfrey

We are passionate about helping people, teams and companies grow and develop. Our highly interactive coaching and workshops push you out of the comfort zone - in a loving way - and help you be more collaborative, creative, bold, confident and FUN!

Our Team:

Josh Lenn, Transformational Coach

Josh is a transformational coach as well as a professional actor, artistic director, and teacher. He is the #1 ranked speaker at Stockholm School of Economics Leadership Program. As an actor he works in film, TV, video games, and is regularly on stage performing improv. He is the Artistic Director of International Theater Stockholm. He works with many different corporations training communications and sales, and teaches presentation and collaboration at Stockholm School of Economics Executive MBA Program. He recently spoke at TEDx Stockholm, where he performed a completely improvised TED talk. josh@boldandconfident.se

Inbal Lori, Transformational Coach - Berlin

Inbal is a coach, professional actor and writer originally from Israel, but now based in Berlin. She is passionate about using her background in the performing arts to help people improve their communication skills and charisma. She has worked with companies such as Spotify, Doberman EY and McKinsey to help them resent more passionately and authentically. Aside from being a coach Inbal is a professional actor, writer and storyteller. She is one of the world’s most sought after improv actors travels the world performing and teaching improvised theatre.

Katarina Wahlberg, Transformational Coach - Stockholm

Katarina is a transformational coach, actor and author. She is passionate about helping people build confidence and strengthen communication skills. She has a background in international development and human rights and has worked for various non-governmental organizations in New York and Stockholm. She strongly believes that when people feel supported, inspired and safe to take risks and make mistakes, they can achieve great things together and make a difference in the world. Katarina is also a co-founder and General Manager of International Theater Stockholm, where she teaches performs and teaches improv theater.

Pernilla Glaser, The Un-Learning Designer

Pernilla's expertise is on hybridity, how to merge cultures and methods for optimal outcome.

Her background spans award-winning theatre director, novelist and teacher at design, architecture and performative arts universities. She is a consultant supporting organizations with facilitation and collaborative practices designing learning experiences and explorative formats.

Some of her favourite failures is trying out silly invented games that doesn't work, redecorate half of her house and think oh I can just swap a couple of ingredients in this elaborate dessert recipe.

Ben Johnson, Transformational Coach - New York

As a coach Ben delivers engaging workshops and helps teams from some of today's most successful, innovative businesses to develop new and valuable skills and habits of mind. Ben has also performed as a professional actor, improviser, and physical comedian in over ninety cities across the United States and in ten countries around the world. Ben holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from UCLA, and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Brown University. He lives in New York City with his wife and two daughters.