Presenting Passionately.

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” - Brene Brown

  • Online: 2.5 hours IRL: 3.5 hours
  • Create more dynamic, inspiring speakers.
  • Tools and confidence to be more, bold, authentic and convincing presenters.

Passion is contagious! A passionate speaker can trigger new ideas and change in the audience. However, showing our passion means showing a bit of ourselves. This usually makes us feel vulnerable and can be very scary. But when we dare to do it anyway, we can create real impact.

Presenting Passionately is a half-day session will be a launching point to begin the journey of becoming a more confident, dynamic and inspiring speaker. I will push everyone outside of their comfort zone, in a loving way, and everyone will explore different ways of expressing themselves. This will be a huge stretch exercise that will lay the groundwork for becoming a better presenter, who can take their audience on an emotional journey and be more persuasive.

After this session everyone will have the tools they need to be better mentally prepared to present and to be more confident as presenters. Everyone will leave feeling proud that they have accomplished something challenging. And they will have FUN doing it. This will boost your culture of bold, supportive and resilient employees.

"Massive thank you for one of the most inspiring and effectful trainings that I've partaken in. It was terrifying, fun and taught me a lot more than I anticipated" -Nadine Nordlund, Spotify

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